Benefits of Consuming Our Products

Our Products contain higher dose of omega 3 and fatty acids which are good for higher androgens, stronger bones, reduce cancer risk and so much more

Better Reproductive Health

Our products are high in omega 3 and fatty acids which are critical both men and women because it helps in the manufacturing of hormones and improves gene signalling that regulates hormone balance.

Better Brain Function

Your brain is mainly made of cholestrol and fat, most of which should be essential fatty acids, in particular DHA. The precise characteristics of the lipid layer of brain neurons which dictates everything from mood to neuromuscular function to cognition. This fatty acids are present in our products.

Reduces Heart Disease Risk

High blood triglycerides cause inflammation and plaque buildup in the arteries, increasing heart disease risk. Fatty acids decrease inflammation, lower circulating triglycerides and reduce insulin due to the natural antioxidants they contain.

Prepare the Best Meals


Whether you want a quick spread for your bread or want margarine for deliberate baking. Then choose Topper or Cook Brand margarine which are rich in fatty acids and vitamins.


Choose our brand of mayonaisse for your salads, sandwiches, burgers and other family time meals. In all social occasions, choose Topper and Cook Brand


Choose our high fibre, rich in vitamin, low cholesterol oats for your breakfast and snack time.

Condensed Milk

Ensure your family get the right amount of calcium for their daily activities. Choose Topper condensed milk for the right amount of vitamins and calcium the body needs.

Mepoat Trading Agency

We are an agency that imports TOPPER and COOK products from the Netherlands.Our association with TOPPER and COOK products spans more than two decade. Our products includes Topper and Cook margarine, Topper mayonnaise, oats and condensed milk.